American girl doll hairstyles

Transform your American Girl doll's look with these creative hairstyles. From cute and casual to elegant and fancy, discover the perfect hairstyle for any occasion.
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The other day I was playing with Chloe's hair when I started experimenting (which I do a lot). I thought it turned out really pretty, so I wanted to show you! I did it again with Elizabeth, but then I decided to modify it a bit. Here they are together from the side. Chloe's falls loose down her back, while Elizabeth's is a braid. Chloe's hair from the top. Doesn't it look like a crown? I love how Elizabeth looks with this style! It reminds me of a medieval princess... but maybe that is just…

Julie DiEgidio Sharp
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Cover your doll's face and body with plastic so she doesn't get wet. Wrapping a plastic grocery bag around your doll's soft body and face to keep the water off of her. Water can damage your doll's stuffing and even make her eyes go rusty.

Natalie Akins
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Curly haired dolls are especially cute; however, the curls do tend to frizz easily. After about a year and a half now of styling my Courtney doll’s hair on occasion, her hair is looking frumpy. Re-curling the hair takes a little time, about an hour to two hours depending on how precise you want to […]

Lindsay Bartels