Alesis drums

Take your drumming skills to the next level with Alesis drums. Discover the top Alesis drum kits, electronic drums, and accessories to enhance your drumming experience.
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All-In-One Electronic Drum Set – Dive in a natural playing experience with quiet drumheads. It has everything you need to learn drums and get good fast: mesh drum pads, inspiring sounds, fun and engaging lessons, and a rock-solid kit Express Yourself – Quiet electric drum kit with 10” dual-zone mesh snare, (3) 8” dual-zone mesh toms, 8” mesh kick drum, 10” hi-hat, 10” crash and ride with choke, and a sturdy adjustable drum rack In-Demand Sounds – The Surge Special Edition electronic drum…

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Complete Percussion Experience - Premium 8-piece electronic drum set with ultra-quiet Alesis mesh heads, revolutionary Drum Module with Bluetooth & built-in industry-leading BFD drum sounds Genuine Performance Feel - Now bigger 10” dual-zone mesh snare, (3) 8” mesh toms, kick drum tower with pedal and (3) 10" cymbals: ride, hi-hat with foot controller, crash with choke, on a solid foldable rack Create and Customize Your Own Kits – Upgraded Drum Module with 32 ready-to-play BFD kits, 16…