Aging metal

Learn how to age metal and create a beautifully distressed and rustic appearance for your projects. Find tips and techniques to give your metal pieces a unique and vintage charm.
How to Age and Patina Metal Objects - tutorial - I would love to patina some small brass vases for a shabby chic look. ❊ Diy Artwork, Upcycling, Crafts, Metal, Metal Working, Metal Projects, Metal Crafts, Old Key Crafts, Aging Metal

rusty and patina......anything!!! Instructions below. instructions: (these look long, but it is really easy.... just long to write) Needed: vinegar, white or apple cider salt, just regular old salt out of my shaker. For small items. I fill a quart yogurt container half full of vinegar, and sprinkle in some salt. (not measured, but guess 1 tsp.??) dump your keys, clips, hinges, watch parts, locks... any metal you want to 'age'. I leave them over night, just 'cause it is convenient. In…

Gina Gibson
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Hey crafters and DIY-ers! Are you looking for some new ideas on how to age metal? Are you bored of aging and distressing wood, and perhaps you want to add some character to your metal surface? Maybe a bit of rust on the hinges of that old door or a vintage patina on your decor

Anabella Audubert