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Immerse yourself in the rich and diverse artistry of African artists. Explore their unique perspectives, vibrant colors, and captivating storytelling. Support and appreciate the talent of African artists today.
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This week I took some time to work on making sure the art I'm seeing in my instagram feed is from a diverse group of artists (I followed some hashtags like #blackartists and #blackgirlartshow to make sure I continue to see new-to-me artists on my feed, and did some intentional searching around to find artists to follow). In the process I found some new favorites! Here are ten of my favorite Black artists, some old favorites and some that were new to me.* Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum Instagram…

Moa Yombi
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In an effort to thwart flippers, the show's curator Destinee Ross-Sutton has developed a list of terms to which buyers must agree.

Francine Gant
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Born in South Africa in 1949, Errol Norbury displayed artistic prowess from an early age. His innate talent led him to pursue a formal education in art, where he studied commercial art and illustration at the University of the Witwatersrand. Since embarking on his artistic journey in 1972, Errol has devoted himself to

Jenny Simms
Artist Nelson Makamo’s Dynamic Portraits of Johannesburg Children | Colossal Art Design, Interior Design Art, Street Art, African Art Paintings, South African Artists, Saatchi Gallery, Afrocentric Art, Colossal Art, Emotional Art

With a dizzying flurry of oil paints, watercolors, silkscreen & monotype printing techniques, charcoal, and ink, artist Nelson Makamo captures the daily life of South African children as reflected in their charismatic faces. Based in Johannesburg, Makamo prefers to refer to himself as a storyteller or narrator of what he encounters everyday. “I document each day visually because for me each day is a blessing, being able to capture movements and feelings of people who live around me.” His…

Gillian Nichole