Advertising fails

Explore the world of advertising fails and witness the most hilarious and cringeworthy mistakes made by brands. Discover the lessons learned and avoid these epic fails in your own marketing campaigns.
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There is no such thing as bad publicity. At least, not until you experience an ad fail disaster and the plane in your airline's poster looks like it's about to crash, or your food ad looks like a racy adult photo. When it comes to advertising, companies have to double and triple check everything they’re going to publish. However, that is where their limits of control end, and once the ad is released into the wide world, strangest things can happen. Check out our selection of worst…

Alison Broadfoot
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We can’t help but laugh at some of the billboards and ads in magazines we see today. Why would someone advertise an abortion on such a large scale? We bet you’ve seen some church billboard or restaurant fails a time or two like ‘We’re like a cult with better Kool-Aid’ or a churches ‘anal convention’. […]

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Metamucil is a remedy against constipation. An issue more people suffer from than you would expect. They just feel uncomfortable to talk about it. Our objective was clear: strengthen brand name awareness for Metamucil, link it to constipation and make the issue of constipation as 'easy to talk about' as possible. Strategic approach: Budget was limited, so we needed bold work to make impact. Secondly, we wanted to stay away from medical or pharmaceutical connotations to keep barriers low. In…