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It was such a pretty and sunny day at the Adored Vintage headquarters today! The sun was streaming in through the windows and casting a pretty light on everything. Days like these makes me pinch myself. I snapped several photos of the workday...well the pretty bits anyway... I doubt you'd think my running back and forth to the hallway sink to refill my steamer with water was pretty... Tomorrow I'm going to be shooting several new vintage and vintage inspired pieces for the shop, so this…

Yadis Ruiz
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I recently came across a thread on a Reddit forum where a woman was asking how to make her wardrobe more feminine as she's more of a jeans and tee kind of girl. I suggested that if she was used to wearing jeans and a top, try replacing some of her jeans with an a-line midi skirt. A-line skirts are very flattering on a woman's figure as it usually highlights your waist and has a gentle silhouette. Fuller skirts can be too voluminous and pencil skirts can hug in the wrong places and mini…

Patricia Ishida
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It has been such a wonderful journey so far selecting vintage inspired modern clothing for the shop that is in alignment with the feminine and romantic sensibilities of the Adored Vintage girl. The Adored Vintage girl is a romantic. She's feminine. She's nostalgic. She adores soft colors, straw hats, wearing white dresses, and basically any outfit straight out of Green Gables. These three looks feature all vintage modern pieces. Curating the dreamy wardrobe of the AV Girl has been SUCH A…

Dajana P. P.