Absinthe fountain

Elevate your absinthe ritual with a unique and stylish absinthe fountain. Explore top designs to enhance your enjoyment and create a memorable experience.
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For the fire starter “Ron Zacapa Blazer”, Eau de Vie, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia Served at Eau de Vie’s bars in Sydney and Melbourne – which often feature among lists of the world’s best – “Ron Zacapa Blazer” is a rich and warm digestive style of drink, made with Ron Zacapa, arguably the best rum in …

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What is Absinthe? Absinthe is a distillation of alcohol with botanicals including wormwood. Wormwood contains an active ingredient called thujone. The thujone is what gives absinthe a dangerous reputation. Here's the truth about Absinthe and how to serve it.

Julie McAleese