A level art background ideas

Explore unique and creative art background ideas to enhance your A Level artwork. Get inspired and take your artistic skills to the next level with these captivating ideas.
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Very arty weekend: had fun with my Gelli plate: left-over paint on newsprint. Will use this in all sorts of art projects This is what happens when I have too much paint on my Gelli plate and I need to roll the leftovers from my brayer into a sketchbook. These will make yummy backgrounds for art journals. Happy Feet Fun with my new Catalyst wedges, and a circle stencil I made myself.

Rene Amanda
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2016 Topic 17: Making Marks Heather Hansen Well hello everyone, Darcy here with our latest topic. This one is a very broad subject, and the title alone may baffle you, but I shall attempt to clarify and give you lots of inspiration in this post. Mark making is a term used when we want to describe lines and patterns, also textures ,if they overlap. Marks can be made with any tool, any medium and on any surface. these marks can be dots, dashes, spirals, scribbles, even scratches. They can be…

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