7 layer salad

Try these mouthwatering 7 layer salad recipes packed with fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors. Create a stunning and nutritious salad that will impress your guests.
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This 7 Layer Salad has seven layers of fresh salad fixings displayed in a glass bowl. Plus, you can make this classic recipe ahead of time! We use the classic 7 Layer Salad ingredients, but we’ll share lots of options for how you can make different varieties. That way, you have endless combinations for every occasion.

Amanda Price
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Seven Layer Salad is a delicious layered pea salad. This classic picnic recipe has been around for generations. It’s delicious, fresh and best of all cold—perfect for summer! This recipe is colorful, crunchy and creamy. It’s the perfect recipe for any warm weather gathering. The 7 Layer Salad is my favorite summer side dish. More…

Caroline Leigh Prine