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Explore a variety of creative and fun art projects that are perfect for 4th grade students. Inspire your child's artistic expression and unleash their imagination with these engaging ideas.
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This week 4th grade is starting their Robin Mead inspired landscapes! She's a contemporary artist from Georgia, and you can check out her work on her website here! I was also inspired by the awesome art teacher, Lauralee Chambers, from her beautiful student examples on Instagram! Here's Robin Mead's Instagram too :) She has a Youtube channel too! Here's how we created ours! Materials: Sax 90 lb paper pencils Sharpies Crayola artista II watercolor Big Kid's Choice Paintbrushes Robin Mead…

Heather Lambert
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Thank goodness we live in an age where we can get inspiration from teachers all over the world! Most art teachers are alone in their building, so we do not have the opportunity to collaborate with our peers as much as the other teachers do. I'm so blessed to live in an age where an art teacher clear across the country or world is accessible in mere seconds! We can all share our great ideas, and not have to leave the comfort of our pj's if we don't want to! Anyway.... As I was scrolling…

Denise Haskell
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After many watercolor projects behind us, I was looking for a quick project to do with my kids in a dry technique that would give reliable and bold results. We had not done any oil pastel projects in ages, so I though I'd start there. I discovered this amazing artist on youtube: Art Arena. He creates stunning, bright oil pastel landscapes using a blending technique, and incorporates silhouetted images with soft graphite for a powerful effect. This project is directly inspired by his 'Aurora…

Sherree Wilkinson
4th Grade Shaded Forms 4th grade has been learning about the elements of art, FORM & VALUE . Form is a three-dimensi... Middle School Art Projects, Art Lessons Middle School, Art Lessons For Kids, Elementary Art Projects, Kids Art Projects, Elementary Art Rooms, Art Education Projects, Art Education Lessons, Art School

4th Grade Shaded Forms 4th grade has been learning about the elements of art, FORM & VALUE. Form is a three-dimensional geometrical figure (like a sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, etc.), as opposed to a shape, which is two-dimensional, or flat. Value is the lightness or darkness of a color. (this project was inspired by an awesome image i found on Marnie Hyland's blog! Check out their awesome art!) Day 1: I demonstrated how to do the project. (I project all of my lessons on a giant screen, so…

Edie Ammon