3D Origami

Explore the world of 3D Origami and create stunning paper sculptures. Get inspired by these unique and creative ideas to bring your paper folding skills to the next level.

3D Origami Penguin This origami Penguin is one of our popular creations. It measured about 3" to 3.5" in height. Although made with paper, our creations are quite sturdy. About 3D Origami 3D Origami Creations are handmade art. They are great for decorations and as gifts. 3D Origami is made out of multiples of folded paper triangles. The triangles are then inter-lock together without any use of glue, except for attaching details. Each creation takes hours to make, including the preparation…

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Cute Hello Kitty and friends made of 3D origami. If you want the diagrams to make any of them, you can request it at origamimaniacs@gmail.com. JUST ONE REQUIREMENT TO FOLLOW: I can send you 3 diagrams the most. Just follow our blog first, and then I will send you the diagram within 24 hours. REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT MADE IN THIS BLOG. YOU HAVE TO WRITE TO MY MAIL THE MOST IMPORTANT: YOU HAVE TO GIVE US A LIKE IN FACEBOOK FIRST....AND THE REQUESTS HAVE TO BE DONE THROUGH MY MAIL…

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