2000s childhood memories aesthetic

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the nostalgic aesthetic of the 2000s. Rediscover your favorite childhood memories and relive the magic with these top ideas that will transport you back to a simpler time.
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(Image Link)Our sense of smell contributes so much more to our life experiences than we know, and even though we're more likely to remember a foul stench than a good smell during our days we often remember key points by smell.And that's why we have so many smell memories associated with childhood- those are our formulative years, when everything is new and smells good and bad are a memorable sensory discovery.(Image Link)Who could forget how that box of crayons smelled when you opened it, or…

Debra Johnson
Nothing pissed me off more than having pudding spill into my Mac & cheese.

i was baked and decided to toss it into the microwave, and entire thing taste like shit except for the chicken nuggets. i couldn't eat it and it made...

Alicia Domino