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Step back in time with our collection of 1920s shoes. Embrace the glamour of the Jazz Age with these stylish footwear options and complete your vintage-inspired outfit.
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Women's leather shoes from the 1920s were a stylish and practical accessory for women during the roaring twenties. The decade was marked by a shift in societal attitudes towards women and their roles, and fashion played a significant role in this change. Women's footwear during this time period was often elegant and sophisticated, reflecting the newfound freedom and liberation that women were experiencing. One of the most popular styles of women's leather shoes from the 1920s was the T-strap…

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A couple of weeks ago now, I attended The White Gallery (my blog post). On the same day I was in London, I also popped by Chelsea along with my friend and photographer Naomi Kenton, to visit the delectable Emmy Scarterfield, the designer behind Emmy Shoes, who had joined forces with the Belle & ...

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