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Step into the world of 1700s fashion for women and discover captivating styles that defined the era. Explore top ideas to incorporate the elegance and grace of 1700s fashion into your modern wardrobe.
Make your Georgian dress (18thc) like a pro! - Vintage, Vogue, Historical Clothing, 18th Century Clothing, Historical Dresses, Century Dress, 18th Century Dress, Fashion 18th Century, 18th Century Fashion

Last week I showed you the pictures, today we are looking under the skirt: I am going to explain how I created my dress: is it historical? Who am I supposed to be? If you dare to read until the end, you will be able to impress even the most blasé of your friends with...

Maureen Tobin
1760's hair and Robe a la Francaise. Before the Automobile: Antique Dress, Century Dress, Victorian Dress, 18th Century Clothing, Old Dresses, 18th Century Dress, Historical Dresses, 18th Century Fashion, Vintage Gowns

Hair has always been the hardest part for me when getting dressed in historical clothing. I've always admired the hairstyles in the mid-century Louis Carrogis Carmontelle drawings but they've always looked very intimidating. Luckily I took part in Kendra's hairstyle lecture at Costume College and she had a way of explaining the style, a raised tête de mouton, that made me think I could maybe manage it after all. An 18th century ball at Tampere became the perfect excuse to try it out. I…

Allyson Wamsley