16th century portraits

Step into the world of 16th century portraits and discover the captivating beauty and intriguing stories behind these timeless works of art. Immerse yourself in the rich history and artistic expressions of this extraordinary era.
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Thank goodness for Rate the Dress! It means that I have a definite excuse to focus entirely on historical fashions at least once a week! We were having such a good run on Rate the Dress: so many 8+ ratings in a row! And then I posted the pink, pigeon breasted, ruffle-dy, smock-dy, totally over-the-top 1900s frock-dy last week. Pop! There went the high ratings bubble! It wasn’t too terrible: there were a lot of 6s, and just enough 8s and 9s to bring it up to a nice, round 7 out of 10. For…

Alison Ivanova