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What was Mannerism? Simply put, Mannerism was the art movement that took place immediately after the Renaissance during the 16th century. There are also two things which tend to show up in Mannerist works fairly often, and you can spot them if you know what to look for.

Nina Beyt
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Thank goodness for Rate the Dress! It means that I have a definite excuse to focus entirely on historical fashions at least once a week! We were having such a good run on Rate the Dress: so many 8+ ratings in a row! And then I posted the pink, pigeon breasted, ruffle-dy, smock-dy, totally over-the-top 1900s frock-dy last week. Pop! There went the high ratings bubble! It wasn’t too terrible: there were a lot of 6s, and just enough 8s and 9s to bring it up to a nice, round 7 out of 10. For…

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