10th century clothing

Step back in time and explore the fashion trends of the 10th century. Get inspired by the unique clothing styles and create your own modern twist on this ancient fashion era.
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Historic Enterprises Gown, Early Medieval, 10th-13th C., Linen [BSD-G04L] - We've based the cut of this gown on a number of extant garments from the 11th-13th C. which share similar patterning details, specifically, the Skjoldehamn kirtle (1000-1210), Kragelund man's kirtle (1045-1155) and the shirt of St. Louis of France (circa 1250, Notre Dame). The cut of this garment falls into the

Leah Franklin
Clothes of a wealthy man. Chernihiv, Ukraine (Kievan Rus'). The 10th century. Reconstruction made by Olexandr Chesnykh Costumes, Russian Traditional Clothing, Historical Clothing, Historical Costume, Russian Clothing, Medieval Fashion, Medieval Garb, Civil War Dress, Modern Costumes

Let us present you the collection of the traditional costumes of European and Asian countries (the 9th-10th century). There are photos of the traditional clothing of Kievan Rus' (with the center in Kyiv, Ukraine), Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and Hungary. All of these outfits are reconstructions though they are very accurate and archaeologically confirmed. There are costumes of nobility, warriors, and peasants among the samples. The clothing, shoes, jewelry and other accessories are handmade…

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Description The basics are done! On the photo you see my 100% linen dress in an earthy purple color. It's floor length as you see (it looks longer on the photo). On top of that is a red apron made from 100% woolen fabric with a herringbone pattern. You can't see that very clearly on this photo but I have a close-up About historical accuracy.... I tried to get as close to the real thing as possible so I based this outfit on finds from the 10th Century Hedeby/Haithabu settlement. They found…