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several different types of sewing needles are arranged on a white surface with buttons and thread spools
DIY Fashion Bobby Pins made from scrapbook embellishments {day 2 of 31 days of Pinterest: Pinned to Done)
two buttons are attached to the back of a bicycle wheel and hang on a wall
Page 173 - Quiltingboard Forums
four different types of wire sculptures on the floor
The Octopus by Blitz1556 on DeviantArt
brass musical instruments and a quarter penny on a black surface with the image taken from above
an abstract sculpture made out of metal wires
Feeling Material Works – Sculpture Series – Antony Gormley
a wire sculpture sitting on top of a wooden shelf
Black wire sculpture Sad Angel 2022 by : jeer khaznadar
a wire sculpture sitting on top of a table
Craft ideas 5575
a wire sculpture is sitting on a table next to a wood paneled wall with the words art gone haywire written above it
a hand holding an object made out of wire