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I will name you Jasper :)

Redfeather, Female Guard, She's Kind but Prefers to Be By Herself. She Loves Fighting and She Can Sting You with Words. No Mate or Pups.By Artist Tatchit .

w i n t e r . e q u i n o x by Lyikah

Harth- Female- Kind, compassionate, brave, gave her powerful amulet to her friends pup Eclipse before she died- Mate: Taka// Pups/ Dean, Trail- (She is dead)

Exotic Art, Anime Wolf, Wolves Art, Fantasy Artwork, Furry Art, Wolf Face Drawing, Intuos 4, Photoshop Cs5, Werewolves, Wolves, Cartoon, Beautiful Pictures, Drawing

Voodoo by on @DeviantArt

Nightmare // male // no mate or pups // he can summons spirits and is slightly insane