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a map shows the location of several different buildings and streets in an area that is surrounded by trees
Light Industrial and Science Park IV – Sasaki
a drawing of a city with lots of buildings
Community Development Grants | Foundation Funding | Government Funding
Extracts from the 2004 Walker Riverside Community Enquiry led by Beyond Green.
some drawings of different types of architecture and their functions in the design, construction or assembly process
Housing & Dining Services Administration Building / Studio E Architects
great diagram. housing & dining services administration building by studio E architects.
a map with several different areas labeled in red and green, including the location of sites
Site Analysis Examples
Site Analysis Examples | Architecture Academia
a map with arrows pointing to different areas in the area and where they are located
By Regeneration Of The Area These Were Incorporated Into Our Leaflet site analysis diagram
a drawing of a plan for a park with trees, water and other things in it
Visualizing a Site Analysis
Site Analysis: Visualizing a Site Analysis Ever wonder how the environment and natural surroundings will affect the design of a home? Here is a sample of a typical site analysis we think through in the design process, and sometimes illustrate for the client. The interplay of the building mass and natural features, such as trees, sun path, wind patterns, and the form of the land are important items to consider and can help ensure that the site is utilized to maximum advantage.