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make crystal clear ice! Good to know if you are making ice bowls etc

Make Crystal Clear Ice!

Make Crystal Clear Ice! : in this instructable I will show you how to make crystal cear ice without any special equipment! it is super easy! you will be surprised!

Eight 1" Glass  Ice Cubes

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Clear Ice Cubes Using a Tray in a Cooler

The short answer is: Poke holes in the tray and set it on a riser at the bottom of an insulated cooler. The long answer? Read along.

Why Does Water Freeze into Cloudy Ice Cubes in My Freezer?

Why Does Water Freeze into Cloudy Ice Cubes in My Freezer?

We’ve all come across those incredible soda commercials on television and in magazines, where the ice cubes are perfectly and completely clear in a pristine glass of ice-cold fizzy pop, but at home, it seems next to impossible to make perfectly clear ice. Here’s chemistry’s answer to why your ice usually freezes cloudy, not clear.

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A Homemade Giant, Crystal Clear Ice Cube Tray

As you're probably aware, I've been dabbling in experiments making clear ice at home. [update: An organized index of ice experiments on Alcademics can be found here.] The way I've found that works best is to freeze ice in an Igloo cooler with the top off. (Please read the post...

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Clear Reusable Ice Cubes S/30 — Kikkerland Design Inc

Clear Reusable Ice Cubes S/30

Chill your drink without watering it down.

Index of Ice Experiments on Alcademics

Hello! If you're heard of directional freezing, learned to make clear ice in a cooler or in a thermos, purchased clear ice cube trays, or just heard that this is the place to learn about clear ice, heck yeah, that information all came from me, Camper English, writing here on...