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Pamper Your Nails with Essential Oils The best oil for your nails is Myrrh. Massage a drop or two into your nails and cuticles 3 times a week. Don’t do it more often than that because it will turn your nails yellow.


Figuring out how the law affects your ongoing health and healthcare plan can be overwhelming at times, but understanding the basic facts about Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is enough to make sure that you are covered and avoiding unnecessary fees.


Mary to the Rescue With a Helpful Trick to Relieve Swollen Feet!


Chilblains, also known as pernio and perniosis, are small red or sometimes purple lumps that form on the skin as abnormal response to cold.



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How To Strengthen Your Natural Nails ~ gotta try this once I give up my acrylic.

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Dipping nails in a cup of warm water to which a spoonful of fresh lemon juice is added, brightens nails and removes stains. A cotton ball dipped in lemon juice can be scrubbed on nails and then gently wash with warm water

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Even My Hands Have Gained Weight