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"Don't Screwed Me Up" by Rockin' Jelly Bean↩☾それはすぐに私は行くべきである。 ∑(O_O;) ☕ upload…

costume inspiration?

It's Pistola Balboa from Adelaide Roller Derby in cartoon form. I wonder how many Derby fans now have her as a tattoo? This is Roller Derby poster by Loopydave.

Art by David Lozeau.

Day of the Dead Artist David Lozeau, The Ties That Bind, David Lozeau Dia de los Muertos Art - 1

Some Things That Catch My Eye : Photo

Some Things That Catch My Eye : Photo

fantasy art gifts

This is another OC of Cederien, the Dark Elf Melandra. The format/composition is a little off in this one, because it's required for a special purpose. The level of detail is pretty high thoug.