Łukasz Hudziec

Łukasz Hudziec

Łukasz Hudziec
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Alchimiste Hors Série #packaging designed by Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R​ - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2015/06/alchimiste-hors-serie.html

This beer label makes good use of negative space by illustrating type in an almost playful way in the silhouttes of each character.

The Ultimate Beer Glass Guide

So what& in a beer glass? Have you ever thought about the varying designs of different beer glasses and what they do? With this infographic you can learn your snifter from your stein with the ultimate beer glass guide!

Humulus lupulus Hops

Humulus lupulus (common hop or hop) is a species of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family, native to Europe . Humulus lupulus is a main ingredient of many beers,


Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye - Much like Founders Red's Rye but more citrusy and not quite as in your face. Sierra Nevada really stepped up their label artwork on this one.

Ilustraciones de letras del alfabeto (2). Especial comienzo párrafo en literatura #Diseño #DiseñoGráfico

Penguin Drop Caps series - 26 collectible hardcover editions of works of literature // commissioned illustrated letter design by type designer - Jessica Hische //

Mankind's Greatest Architectural Achievements Since Prehistory | Co.Design | business + innovation + design

This is a wonderful infographic from Pop Chart Lab of mankind's greatest architectural achievements since prehistory. There's a poster and we are tempted to buy it.