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Mark on guitar!

Markiplier <<< omg this pic of Mark is too cute o//o<<<<Geez you fangirls (fangirls quietly)

This ( from Rosanna Pansino's channel when they baked together for those that don't know)

And then just have the pink-haired markiplier act like mettaton. Just lying on the counter showing off this legs XD


I really want to take back every word I said to this girl after watching markiplier, but school years over. Now she will never know how sorry I am<<<< Awwwwwww that awesome.

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This is really good and truthful:) I love how they make their fans (including me) feel happy, or atleast a tad bit better

jacksepticeye___phone_lockscreen__v_2__by_hankychan-dadunml.png (640Γ—1136)

JackSepticEye - Phone Lockscreen by HankyChan on DeviantArt Jack / jacksepticeye jackaboy / I'm here for you

jacksepticeye and markiplier - Google Search

jacksepticeye and markiplier - Google Search