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Photos I took

Some of my photos that I like to show off.
107 Piny30 Obserwujący | rain on peony


Przypięte z | oh no! | Well, this happened at breakfast.

oh no! | family time | Loving the sass from the little one in the back

family time | Easter Grumpy II | Here's your flippin' colored eggs!

Easter Grumpy II | alligatoring | Anyone else see it?

alligatoring | IMGP6342

IMGP6342 | lonely leaf | I should know that Killington announces it is opening for the weekend, my gardens are toast.

lonely leaf | frost warning | Goodbye, garden.

Przypięte z | Preview of things to come | Big Pappy checking out my props for a Christmas card shoot.

Przypięte z | morning light

morning light