Warsaw, Poland / Here, the jewelry takes a modern form but it does not contradict the tradition. In order to become unique and noble, it is handmade with care for a high level o
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Silver Crystals | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Silver Crystals: These silver crystals were electrochemically grown from a solution of silver nitrate, using silver electrodes. The field of view is 18 mm and is composed of 92 individual photos, combined using focus stacking.

'Quadilic' by Ilan Garibi for KAZA Concrete's collection, 'Concurrent Constellations'

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Calcite with Quartz Más

Calcite with quartz from Huanggang Mine, Inner Mongolia, China. The pictured specimen is tall. The quartz at the center of the stacked calcite disks is better exposed in some of the specimens that they have at the show. Photo credit: Jeffrey A.