Klaudia Lily Hołosiewicz

Klaudia Lily Hołosiewicz

Klaudia Lily Hołosiewicz
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Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire capture more Mega Evolutions - As Pokemon X / Y taught us last year, permanent evolution is for chumps! Single battle-spanning Mega Evolutions are the new hotness, and the upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha

Pokemon Contest Spectaculars - Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Pokemon Contest Spectaculars are special events where four Pokemon compete against each other based on one of five categories: Coolness, Cuteness, B.


Touhou Project- Komachi Onozuka artwork by ideolo

Ruby, Roman, and Oscar (Ozpin?)

But on a side note that Ozpin jump scare was the best way to kick off episode -Erica^^

Yeah this won't be consequential at all Yang. Break his leg and oh yeah I killed him for framing you.

Ehhh I think it's been long enough for this to be okay xP

Relax, Glynda. It's fine.  It's not like you can't just fix it later.  If you quit I'd be worried but you're not that smart.

To Ozpin, the school could be burning and he'll say that it fine.