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5sos ♡ they're my little secret....and I'm so proud with they.

on vine the trending tag is SOOO it's like a fandom thing that just turned into a HUUUGE fight between the fan and like old people it's pretty hilarious if u have a vine go check it out and watch sassy Sara she's on a freaking roll tonight

Cartoon Drawings 5SOS Don't Stop | 5SOS - Don't Stop by xoloves

Pearson: so what is your fav superhero? me: mike-or-wave Pearson: what? me: shows pic Pearson: ok as they back away slowly then sprints to out the door me: come back u need to now more about ← YES THATS SO ME!

oh<<<<how can you not repin this<<don't hate me if I get Thai wrong but is Ashton playing the guitar again??

If lashton playing guitar naked isn't your favorite then i don't know what

"5 Seconds of Summer Preference (the stuffed animal he gets you)" by vawesome1201 ❤ liked on Polyvore

Seconds of Summer Preference (the stuffed animal he gets you)" by ❤ liked on Polyvo

Haha my family asked why are there only four guys bc their name is 5 seconds of summer lol

people are always like why aren't they called 4 seconds of summer bc there are only four of them.