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Midnighter & Agent 37. Dick Grayson

Their entire relationship in one picture

제이슨한테 들이대는 디키가 좋아요... 포지션은 아무래도 상관없음. 아까 작업하다 그린거라 그리자마자 트위터에 먼저 올렸었는데 그때는 딕 팔에 저 뭐시기여 하여튼 마법 수납장()을 안 그렸었어욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그냥 전신쫄쫄이 이미지가 강해서 신경 안쓰고 그리게 되네... + 따로 그린 그림인데 이어지는 거 같아서 같이 올립니다ㅋㅋㅋ 요건 오늘 퓨님 만나서 그려 준 딕슨! 들이대는 디키와 싫어하는 제이를 그려달라고 리..

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"She came to bed after he'd fallen asleep and left before he woke up. Some days, he wondered if she was even there at all. And somewhere deep inside him, he knew she would never really come back; he had done too much, she had said too much, and apology would never be enough to fix it." ~LS

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Dick look so happy Jason looks like he gonna throw up and tims like why are we…