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an old drawing of four different designs
Vier rocaille schilden, anonymous, after Johann Daniel Preissler, 1704 - 1737 - Rijksmuseum
an old book with some drawings on it
Decorative figures from silver-work by Anton Eisenhoit (16th century).
an old book with some decorative items on it's cover, including ribbons and banners
The hand book of mediaeval alphabets and devices
an old drawing of a person cutting something with scissors
Panic Down the Well
Ottavio Scarlattini (1623-1699) Found 17th Century Dadaist Art
an old book with some drawings on it
Hugo Grotius (1583-1645),DE IURE BELLI AC PACIS (Frankfurt an der Oder, 1691),call no: JX 2093.A1 1691. The main figure is Leopold I of Austria-Hungary (1640-1705), the Holy Roman Emperor.It is basically the same image as the one which glorifies Louis XIV of France in the 1703 French translation of the same book,LE DROIT DE LA GUERRE ET DE LA PAIX (The Hague, 1703).Yale Law Library.
an old drawing of a woman standing in front of a wave with her arms outstretched
British Library digitised image from page 350 of "Christmas Books [With plates.]"
an old paper with a bird and flowers on the border is shown in this image
Images By Vasti Estefania Sanchez Gonzal On Manualidades B6C
Blank Pages For Your Bos From Grimoire Of The Modern Witcg
two envelopes with an ornate border and floral design on the front, one in pink
Roses and Teacups Discount Tea Cups Teapots Tea Bridal Favors Gifts
an old fashioned frame with angels and cherubs on the edges is shown in sepia
Free Vintage Border Illustration and Texture