RV organization

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RV Cat Litter Box
traveling with feline friends? got u covered 🎥 @weheartstates on IG
the back end of a bus with its door open and various items in it's compartment
DIY Hand Sanitizing Station {The BEST RV Organization Idea!} - This Budget Life
adhesive Hand sanitizing holder (we used a leftover compartment piece from a larger drawer organizer) 3M velcro strips (1 inch)
the curtain rod is attached to the wall with a wooden hook on it's side
DIY Wood Curtain Rods with Leather Straps for Under $10 - Dani Koch
a cabinet filled with lots of dishes and plates in it's drawers, all stacked together
20 Small Camper Van Interior Ideas For Your Inspiration
the closet is filled with many pairs of shoes and clothes hanging from hooks on the wall
10 Creative RV Bedroom Organization Ideas! — Cool Mom and Collected
there is a drill and hammer in the reflection of a truck window with tools on it
50 Unique Caravan Storage Ideas You'll Love