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Haha and AHHHHHH

Hufflepuff x slytherin friendship is the best friendship between houses and most common outside house friendship

The feels....

love this. I really wish we would get the stories of Harry's Parents, and what they and they're families were like during their Hogwarts' years. It's called the MARAUDERS.

Edited to fit both parts into one pin. Credit to OP. Sirius and Regulus black. The mauraders

31 Times Tumblr Had Jokes About The "Harry Potter" Series

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Ah, yes, I love being punched in the face...

I'm sad cuz I have just recently begun to ship Hermione and Draco and now feeeeeeeeels! I hate fandoms sometimes… they give me feels I didn't even know I had

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I totally thought that, too- she just slammed Umbridge with a Lockheart burn <=== this also means that she is saying Quirrel, who had Voldemort on the back of his head, and a death eater were better than her.

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If Harry were raised by Sirius and Remus.... pfft this would totally happen!!

Lol but the books explained why Harry had to be raised by the Dursleys--for his protection. Although, Sirius and Remus totally would have visited. Or maybe even moved in (against the Dursleys wishes of course). Omg that would have been hilarious