Marzena Hildebrandt-Borowska

Marzena Hildebrandt-Borowska

Marzena Hildebrandt-Borowska
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Carte des cafés

Now if I only had an espresso machine. Wall Art- Kitchen Chalkboard Print -Chalkboard Coffee Subway Art Typo- Coffee Menu- Coffee Recipes-Know your Coffee Print 8 x

Baby Sleep Positions...we've already dealt with many of these, and we only bedshare when making a desperate attempt to get a little more sleep! "The Stalker" is probably my favorite. :)

Co-sleeping reality. Aka why my babies will sleep in their own damn beds. Additionally, I'd say the only co-sleeping position not depicted here is the one picturing the parent having rolled onto the child.


1 pinner wrote, "this picture just makes my heart smile! I think of my wee baby twin great grand daughters who just blessed our family with their entrance.