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Grapefruit E&T | Spring Cocktail Recipe
two pomegranate cocktails with lime and rosemary garnish
a person holding a green drink with cucumber and elderflower spritz
Mocktail Recipes | Natalie Battaglia on Instagram: "Cucumber Elderflower Spritz Mocktail 🥒 I adore a cucumber/elderflower combo - the crisp fresh taste of cucumber combined with the sweet floral of elderflower is always a winner. ✨Don’t forget to save this recipe✨ This recipe can also be made as a punch in a pitcher ✨🥒 Ingredients ▫️2oz cucumber juice, store bought or homemade* ▫️1/2-1oz elderflower cordial or syrup ▫️1oz lime juice ▫️1/2 cup dry sparkling wine or soda Add all ingredients to a wine glass and stir gently. Garnish with an optional cucumber ribbon and edible flower. *To make the cucumber juice: blend 2 inches cucumber and 2 tablespoons water in a small blender and strain. Cheers and enjoy! #boozefree #nationalsoberday #mocktails #nonalcoholicdrinks #alcoholfree #al
two glasses filled with watermelon and herbs on top of a white table next to sliced figs
a pink cocktail garnished with flowers and greenery sits on a wooden table
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a table next to utensils
two grapefruit margaritas with mint garnish on a cutting board
four glasses filled with pink lemonade and grapefruit
three glasses filled with lavender lemonade on top of a wooden table next to sliced lemons
Lavender Tea Lemonade
Lavender Tea Lemonade is a delicious and unique twist on classic lemonade! Made with frozen lemonade and steeped lavender tea. Garnish with sprigs of lavender and slices of fresh lemon. So easy and tasty!