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a classic American rest area in Big Bend, Texas, documented by photographer Ryann Ford

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Ryann Ford is raising funds for The Last Stop - A Photo Book of America's Rest Stops on Kickstarter! The Last Stop is a photography book documenting the vanishing roadside rest areas of America's highways.

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Austin photographer Ryann Ford spent five years taking photos of the most beautiful rest stops in America.

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Cabin Porn™ – Photographer Ryann Ford is systematically documenting the last of America's roadside rests

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White Sands National Monument, New Mexico Austin-based photographer Ryann Ford honors the charm of roadside rest stops throughout the U. in her series Rest Stops: Vanishing Relics of the American Roadside.

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Photographer Ryann Ford has documented America's vanishing rest stops for the past five years.

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Image 9 of 21 from gallery of The Last Stop: Documenting North America’s Disappearing Rest Areas. Photograph by Ryann Ford