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Samael meaning angel of death, poison of God is another name for Satan. This is another one of the show's which detail in explanation how the story of Samael.

Study the meanings of the Jewish high priestly garments. Revelations 1 says that Jesus has made His people " a kingdom and priests to God the Father and of our Lord Jesus Christ."

High priest garment for Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. On the Day of Atonement the high priest, after becoming ritually pure, offered a bull for his sins and the sins of his household.

Parting of the sea.. 1 Corinthians 10:1-2 10 For I do not want you to be unaware, brothers, that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea, 2 and all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea,

Exodus Moses now stretched out his hand over the sea; and Jehovah drove the sea back with a strong east wind all night long, turning the sea basin into dry ground, and the waters divided.

David and Goliath...

"Jehovah is with you, you mighty warrior." Judges David and Goliath.What it really looked's only by Jehovah's spirit that any of us can overcome insurmountable challenges.