Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika hempaffair

I love this easy combination: long shirt, short boxy top, baggy trousers and lace-ups

Рубашка женская льняная косой крой за 2 688 руб. в Красноярске.

33 logotipos criativos para inspiração

(#11) Nice interpretation of the word "Freedom" with the top of the "m" just sort of flying away (it looks a bit like a bat). I like it when a logo does something indicative of the word written.

15 Ways to Make Photo Walls

DIY Boho decoration! I'm not sure I'd use a straight up stick, but I love the concept

Amplar i makramé – Macramé hanging planters (Craft & Creativity)

Macramé hanging planters - by Craft & Creativity //Manbo

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Love the details on the bust of this shirt! There's something so elegant and feminine about it. Gives a vintage feel!