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Pagan Witch

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Gabija (pronounced GA-bee-jah) is the Lithuanian Goddess of Fire and the Hearth. As Gabjauja, she was also Goddess of Corn and other Grains. When a follower laid out a fire or a meal, they would give an offering to Gabija as well—water for a fire, and beer for a meal. Gabija’s fire protected the home from thieves and demons, and could only be put out with pure water. With the advent of Christianity, Gabija was identified with St. Agnes.
Fire dance by Дмитрий Кулаков on 500px


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Seagulls by the Sea


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Old Highway 101 With Coast Redwoods - California


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Basil Herb ~ In Magic use for Wealth, Love Spells & Protection.  In Herbal Medicine aids in stomach ailments.
Got a toothache & can’t get to the dentist? Gently chew on a clove to ease tooth pain & gum inflammation for two hours straight, say UCLA researchers. Experts point to a natural compound in cloves called eugenol, a powerful, natural anesthetic, which is also found in cinnamon, sage, and oregano. The expert panel German Commission E has approved the use of clove as a topical antiseptic & anesthetic. Laboratory tests show eugenol also exhibited marked antifungal activity. Antibacterial as well.


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2017 Cosmic Calendar // Spiral Spectrum [CHAKRA, MOON & ASTROLOGY Mandala Art/Chart] 18x24 Full Color Poster
Sacred Geometry

Moonology, Astrology and Sacred Geometry

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heartofagypsy: thetwowickedsisters: WHAT DECK IS THIS
Tarot of Vampyres ► The Sun
the Spirit De La Lune deck....now that's exquisitely witchy. Love it:)


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Viking runes...tiny tattoo ideas with meaning

Signs and Symbols

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Bramble, Ogham name Muin, rules 2nd September to 29th September and in divination represents intoxication; as Blackberry wine is strong and heady, so the excitement from chancing upon new ideas is also intoxicating.
Alder, Ogham name Fearn, rules 18th March to 14th April and is sacred to Bran. When Bran the Blessed, giant king of ancient Welsh legend, set out to rescue his sister Branwen from Ireland, he laid himself down for his men to use as a bridge to cross the sea. Alder piles are still used as foundations for bridges, as the oily wood does not rot in water.
Rowan, Ogham name Luis, rules 21st January to 17th February and its element is that of Fire. It is also known as "Quicken Tree" ~ the tree of life, in Norse it is called "Runa" meaning rune or charm for magic.


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beautiful mabon witch

Mabon Autumn Equinox 21st Sept

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Lammas wheat
Lammas Blessings

Lammas Lughnassad 2nd Aug

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Happy Litha!
Happy Litha!

Litha Summer Solstice 21st June

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Beltane More
The nine sacred woods Beltane
Beltane tree

Beltane 1st May

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Cute chicks. Image from milkcloud.
Daffodil Candy Cups from Martha Stewart.
Eggshell Votives from Martha Stewart.

Ostara Spring Equinox 21st March

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Imbolc is also known as Imbolg, Candlemas, Oimelc, St. Brigit's (or Brigid's) Day, as well as by many other names.  It takes place on February 2nd (same as Groundhog's Day).    "Oimelc" means "Ewe's milk," so lambs, sheep, and milk are important in this holiday.    St. Brigit is a Christian Saint and also a Celtic Goddess of Smithing, Poetry, Healing/Midwifery, and Protection through high-places (hills, tall fires, walls, forts, etc).
St. Brigid of Ireland. Feast day is Imbolc (February 1st).  Saint Brigid is the patron saint & guardian of poor subsistence farmers, she protects the harvest; she increases the yield of cow, dairy and sheep. Saint Brigid is also the patron saint of studies and learning.
In many traditions, Imbolc is a time of cleansing and purification. Make small homemade soaps or bath salts, wrap them in decorative paper, and tie with a ribbon. Make them in different herbal scents, and exchange with friends.

Imbolc Bridgets day 2nd Feb

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Self-Taught Teen Sews and Models Her Own Beautiful Historically-Inspired Dresses - My Modern Met
Yule Dawn Dreaming Card by Wendy Andrew

Yule Winter Solstice 21st Dec

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Pumpkins in grapevine nests. Via www.lidbeckbrent.com.
Jim Fairfax's Luxury Problems: pumpkin season.....
chalkboard pumpkins

Samhain Halloween 31st Oct

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Celtic Reconstructionism | The Celtic Journey
The Wiccan Calendar marks the 8-points of the year. Several of them intersect with traditional Judeo-Christian holidays. This is the result of historical borrowing. In the past, Christianity adopted and adapted pagan festivals, incorporating some into their own form of ritual. Christmas and Easter, for example, have their roots in pagan holidays. Many of the characteristics we consider integral to the celebration of these two festivals has as its pedigree the celebrations of pagan gods.
Wheel of Year by Helene Grasset.  One of the most beautiful renditions of the Wheel of the Year I've ever seen.

Wheel of the year

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☆ Sacred Space ☆

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Fairy Wands with sticks, beads & scraps of fabric (",)
Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools:  Obsidian Quartz Agate Deer Antler Magick Wand, by Queenie88.
I really want that bone and crystal amulet/pendulum! So beautiful! Must have this one day! I love the pentacle carving/burning too!

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Space Witches are connected to the shifting, ever-changing cosmos, capable of traversing time and space with only a thought.
triple goddess: maiden, goddess, and crone
space white witch aesthetic (requested)

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Eddi van W.'s photostream (183)
by Anna Marine
"Concept Art by Valentina"

☾✩ Winter Witch ✩☽

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Owl Goddess | ryan mcginley
Owl spirit
“A driving thirst for knowledge is the forerunner of wisdom. Knowledge is a state that all organic life possesses, wisdom is the reward of the spirit, gained in the search for knowledge. Truth is...

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"While words and intellectual concepts can only ever be signposts pointing to the true nature of reality, which is quite beyond them, nevertheless the complex interlinked conceptual structure of the...
A Night of Reading by ~Mysterykids
"Climb the mountain, save the world. Sounds easy, right? WRONG." Home muttered to herself. "And I bet you never thought a cape--fine, a hood--could make your living habitat. I literally live in the HOOD!"

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Print Hare "Ancestral Magic"  Pagan Druid
DRYAD~original watercolour painting of a tree goddess~
Tree of Life drawing

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