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Larry Stylinson proof<<<okay seriously how is this proof like seriously it's just the way the tattoo goes this Larry crap has gotta stop it's effecting Louis and Harry's friendship and Eleanor and Louis' relationship so can we please stop❤️

Larry Stylinson proof<<<i have no idea if Louis meant ro do this, but this is sooo fREAKING ADORABLE!

Exactly. It would be baaad.

i dont have any one direction merchandise. Im afraid i will befriend then let them in my room. They will see the stuff and freak out.that and my sister is a directionator and we share a room>>>>>I FEEL YOU DUDE I FEEL YAH

This is the One Direction merch we need ♡ #onedirection GET THIS TRENDING POST ON MOST POPULAR 1D BOARDS

Plis we can contain ourselves to kill the fans that wear or use that kind of "fan stuff"

Fave part of the movie

Harry Styles being ridiculous in This is Us. "No, Honey; do a normal pose." These adorable boys don't pose!