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This is a are the fastest aircraft they can sit guns to approximately to kilometers per hour and missiles.

"The Dragon Lady" - Lockheed U2 spy plane. This plane can fly at 70,000 ft, a.k.a. 13 MILES above the ground. Pilots have gotten the bends from flying it.

"The Dragon Lady" - Lockheed spy plane. This plane can fly at ft, 13 MILES above the ground. This is still the highest flying aircraft in existence, despite being designed in the Been in the chase car and had a "wing ride".

tokyo-bleep:  http://www.classicdriver.com

Every year, a small group of enthusiastic friends spend a weekend together with their toys: the Porsche 356 Pre-A. These cars are not simply the first examples of a celebrated model, but the beginning of the Porsche legend.