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Growth MINDSET: Escape From (Fixed) Mindset Jail. Flip Book

Teach children helpful and unhelpful thoughts and behaviors to keep confident with this fun activity, Escape From Mindset Jail.Mindset jail (fixed mindset) is an uncomfortable place our confidence goes when we believe negative thoughts we tell ourselves, such as, "we can't do this." When our confid...

Real relationships aren’t perfect and perfect relationships aren’t real

If I’ve learned anything about being in my relationship for almost 10 years it’s been that there will be times where we fight. Fighting is something that you can’t avoid but…

Soul Mate

Short Story

Ways to Improve Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce - Mortoise

For one reason or another, everybody has this suggestion that marital relationship is intended to be perfect. If anything fails, everyone is there to promptly put in their point of view, and it’s normally to leave your partner. I believe that if you like someone, you will certainly make it function. There is no such...

Why You Love Her, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

There are many reasons why you love the girl you love, and why you were attracted to HER in the first place, and not any other woman.