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Done by Tom Bartley, tattoo artist at Tattooed Warrior Tattoo Studio (Brisbane)…

These Warrior Tattoos will amaze you. They are extremely freaky and extremely realistic. Enjoy the detail and shading on warrier tattoo art designs gallery.

The Octopus Tattoo; Sailors, Colors, Placement

The Octopus Tattoo; Sailors, Colors, Placement — Tattoos, Tattoo Designs, Videos and Equipment by Insane Tattoo Products Getting my 🐙 so soon!

55 Awesome Octopus Tattoo Designs

Octopi are some of the most unique creatures to inhabit the Earth but there is one thing that we have in common with the underwater dwellers: we love ink. While an octopus will use its ink to scare off would-be. [ read more ]

Octopus tattoo

Check out these 50 awesome octopus tattoos for your next tattoo inspiration. Octopus is one of the popular aquatic animal being tattooed for men and women