Robert Jadownicki

Robert Jadownicki

Robert Jadownicki
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Nobody wants to be average. With a correct grip and swing path you don't have to be. Get your swing right and for every 1MPH increase in swing speed you get 2.5 yards in distance. EXPLODE your game with Game-inglove

The chart depicts the average golf distances for each club for men and women. We'd say that "skill" (swing mechanics & Center hits) & swing swing speed are the two defining factors; but, you can't just swing faster and expect results. No Joke!

Well, that took an unexpected turn...

Well, that took an unexpected turn. I may have mentioned this before, but I absolutely cannot STAND the so-called "improved" Disney princesses. What was so wrong with the originals that they had to alter them so much?

get a comprehensive guide to help you in all areas of your game. The whole program is designed to help you play your best golf possible and reviews all key areas of the game that are essential to breaking 80 on a consistent basis. This program provides practical and effective golf tips to start putting the fun back in your game.

Practice lofting the perfect pitch over a water hazard with this novel Floating Golf Green. Give the Gift of Golf with Sunnybrae Golf Gift Cards.