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Pokemon Best Wishes Pocket Monsters Eievui Eevee Premialive PVC Figure

Custom Poymer Clay Pokemon Figurine Handmade Nintendo Figure

Rowlet Pokemon Figurine, Polymer Clay Owl Sculpture, Polymer Clay Pokemon Gift, Nintendo Pokemon Sun and Moon Figure

The Making of Arcanine - An Overview of My Sculpting Process 1. Armature - I first build the wire skeleton, attaching it to the base with a thick support wire. It is essential that the weight of th...

A commission of the Pokemon, Koffing! I put a solid wood ball in the center of the foil to help me keep the spherical shape (VERY hard to do with mushy . Progression of a Koffing!

Commission : Swellow Used Steel Wing by emilySculpts

Please note, this piece was a commission and is not for sale. While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already . Commission : Swellow Used Steel Wing

Commission : Pokemon Team - Turner Pack by emilySculpts on DeviantArt

This is an absolutely massive piece! When I first started the armatures, I remember thinking to myself “wow, this is never going to be done!


ass backpack bag baseball cap breasts brown hair cropped jacket female protagonist (pokemon go) fingerless gloves from side gloves hat highres holding holding poke ball long hair medium breasts murakami suigun outstretched arm peaked cap poke ball po