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Roll shutters and marketing

Intelligent Advertising With Harmony Awnings & Shutters If you are the owner of a business, it is quite likely that you are looking for ways to promote it. Most business owners turn to advertising to promote, but so does everyone else. How do you stand out from the crowd without bankrupting yourself? Harmony Awnings & Shutters may have the answer.
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Enhancing your roll shutter could be as "simple" as adding your logo.


Another project by All-Rite and Harmony. This was the 3rd set of roll shutters installed by this customer.


Or, you can just have fun! Roll shutters no longer have to be boring and industrial looking.


Roll shutters can be an effective way of marketing your business ... even when you are closed!


There are a lot of ways to make your roll shutter work for you. You can showcase your inventory, your products, or something special ... whatever you would like.

You can even put an image of the inside of your business so customers will know what to expect when you are open.

Got a BIG pool cabana? No problem! Even those roll shutters can be treated. Want to put your favourite Caribbean image on them? No problem. Maybe a palm tree or some wild life? We can do that too!

Roll shutters for your home can be dressed up to detract from their "industrial" look, allowing them to blend in or stand out, depending upon your approach. Even the inside of the roll shutter could be enhanced to blend in with the interior decor.

Even roll shutters for residential use can be dressed up. With a cabana shutter, add your favourite beer logo!