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an image of a poster with words in different languages
Notatki "podstawy Niemieckiego" || język niemiecki
an english food chart with fruits and vegetables
Deutsch Lernen | Learn German
the time table for different countries in english and german, with numbers on each side
Learn German (@learngermann) on X
the german words are displayed in this screenshote, and it is very easy to read
Deutsch Lernen | Learn German
two different types of english words are shown in the table top view, with each word being
an image of clothes and hats in german
Wortschatz: Kleidung.
an image of different fruits and vegetables with the words in german on each one side
Wortschatz "Gemüse" - Deutsch lernen online | Sprakuko
an image of different types of animals and their names in german, with the words
Wortschatz: Säugetiere - Deutsch lernen online | Sprakuko