I'm not sure about the pattern of the fabric on the skirt, but I love the emerald colors of everything. The shoes would kill me though.


I have Emerald eyes that are sometimes olive green and sometimes green blue----> eye color chart

Speaking of "keeping it together" (if you saw the last post), I feel so on top of things when I prep a color palette BEFORE Friday. ("But where was last week's palette?" you ask? Shhhhh.) I've always loved the blue-green hues of eucalyptus. Quiet, calming, and never bori

a eucalyptus-inspired color palette

a eucalyptus-inspired color palette // green, gray, natural tones ❤ =^.^= ❤ My favorite tree!

While trying to think of a few rock puns, I took a 10-minute break to memorize the lyrics to "We Will Rock You." I can already tell it's going to be a productive day. DEEP BLUE #112138 / WASHED DENIM

a rock-inspired color palette (Akula Kreative)

a rock-inspired color palette // navy, indigo, ocean blue, peach (nude), pink - Master bedroom? To match painting

Which Summer Are You?  Seasonal Color Analysis chart - visit 30somethingurbangirl.com

Find your colors – dive into details

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Business casual wardrobe with 2 dresses and some accessories!!!

How To Build A Work Capsule Wardrobe. Not super crazy about these color choices but finally a concept explained.


How To Create Your Personal Color Palette (Plus Take Our Color Quiz)

swetry-długi blezer/ wełna Parzona

swetry-długi blezer/ wełna Parzona

swetry-długi blezer/ wełna Parzona

swetry-długi blezer/ wełna Parzona