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Hanuman Chalisa Yantra
Hanuman, the mighty incarnation of Lord Shiva, and the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. He is the ultimate embodiment of devotion and selfless service. Anjaneya, Shiva Shakti, Hanumaan, Lord, Shri Hanuman, Graphic Novel, Hanuman Wallpaper, Krishna Art

Gifted with the power of his divine father, he soared through the heavens toward the sun. Vāyu went with him, covering him with a cool breeze so that he would not be burned by the sun. The sun-god also withheld his blazing rays as he understood that Hanumān was a great servant of Viṣṇu who would later assist Him on earth.

Lord Rama is the seventh avatar of the God Vishnu in Hinduism, and the king of Ayodhya . Along with Sri Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Sri Rama is considered to be the most important avatar of Lord Vishnu. Bajrangbali, Lord Hanuman Wallpapers, Hanumaan, Deities, Art, Mythology, Hindu Deities, Krishna Art, Rama Image

Lord Rama

Lord Rama Hindu God Lord Rama is the 7th incarnation of Hindu God lord Vishnu and the central figure of the Ramayana (Ramayan) epic. The Ramayan is the very soul of India. It is a complete guide to God-realization, the path to which lies in righteousness. The ideals of man are beautifully portrayed in it. Everyone should emulate those ideals and grow into ideal human beings and ideal citizens. Hindu God Lord Rama took birth to free the earth from the cruelty and sins of the demon King Ravana…

Lord Hanuman, oh yes hindu false god honuman with 8 pack abs, biceps, thies. where did he got those shorts! this is clesr foolish behaviour to worship this monkey.

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman ( हनुमान )

If we seek the essence of every situation, if we seek to connect to God within our hearts, then we will find an opportunity there, to grow internally in wisdom in every trial we face.


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“Om Vayu Putraya Namaha:|| ........... Lord Hanuman Bless You.”

Panchamukha Hanuman Homa is unique as it invokes five forms of Hanuman that represent powerful temples of India. The appearances bestow blessings of leadership skills and can solve severe problems for all.


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Hanuman Chalisa Yantra:- Keep Blessing of Lord Hanuman Always .

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra:- Keep Blessing of Lord Hanuman Always ... - Storeboard

It doesn't matter how far ahead we have come in this digital age, but still we all believe in the God which is not visible. We all believe that there exists ...

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From Hindu spiritual book GITA.KRISHNA and Arjun(MAHABHARATA)

There is an ode dedicated to Hanuman, known as the Hanuman Chalisa. It is a poem of 40 stanzas and talks about the strength, generosity, intelligence of Hanuman. Every stanza of Hanuman Chalisa shows how the legendary figure surpasses everyone.

Hanuman chalisa

Sri Hanuman Chalisa/ The Gates of Sweet Nectar – Krishna Das

Mysterious and Inspiring Stories of Hanuman Ji

This article explores the symbolism behind Hanuman being a monkey. Hanuman was not only a true devotee of Lord Rama, but also an accomplished master of yoga. He was the first to teach Pranayama and also invented the Surya Namaskar. Hanuman also saves his devotees from negative astrological influences.

Krishna Das singing the Hanuman Chalisa (to the Heart as Wide as the World melody) at Neem Karoli Baba's temple in Kakrighat (Uttaranchal Pradesh) India, Sep. Hanuman Chalisa Mantra, Krishna, Neem Karoli Baba, Indian Musical Instruments, Art Of Noise, Music Collage, Bhakti Yoga, True Nature, Spiritual Inspiration
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Hanuman Chalisa, Kakrighat, India September 2009 - Krishna Das

Krishna Das singing the Hanuman Chalisa (to the Heart as Wide as the World melody) at Neem Karoli Baba's temple in Kakrighat (Uttaranchal Pradesh) India, Sep...

Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi and English (book))

Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi and English

Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi and English (book)

Significance of five heads of Panchmukhi Hanuman – Sanskriti - Hinduism and Indian Culture Website Hindu, Anjaneya, Lord, Shri Hanuman, Deities, Hinduism, Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman Part of Obama's Lucky Charm

United States President Barack Obama has revealed that he carries a selection of lucky charms along with a statue of Monkey God Lord Hanuman in his pocket.