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John Rawls

I agree with John Rawls to the extent that we should try to create a world where we make decisions to be beneficial to all in some way, but allow such differences to exist where we can all accept being at the bottom rung while striving to reach the top.

Jurgen Habermas

Jürgen Habermas is a German sociologist and a philosopher in the tradition of critical theory and pragmatism. He is perhaps best known for his theory on the concepts of communicative rationality and the public sphere.

Victorian Infographic

Victorian Infographics A Time Table (Mitchell's New General Atlas) 1864 A time table indicating the difference in time between the principal cities of the World and also showing their air-line distance from Washington.

an infographic guide to how addicted you are to twitter.

The 140 Character Fix Are you addicted to social media? Apparently it's more addictive than cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, sex and sleep. I'd put good money on the fact it's not!

Islington, London.

I lived here from 1997 - 2001 in three flats - but mostly 44 Islington Park Street (May 1998 - October